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Welcome to my new friend [livejournal.com profile] zeda_chan, who is super-adorable and horrifyingly-talented! :D And, accordingly, whose art I've been stalking for like EVER! ^^;

All I did today -- and I mean all -- was to go turn in my Milton paper, then write just enough of "Kiss and Tell" to set L and Light up for a fistfight... which I have since been lame enough not to want to write. What is this?! XD

So then I made a gigantic playlist for the fic instead. Like you do. And then I read the rest of Murphy. XD

Anyway, Colin Morgan is way too damn pretty. )

Uhh... Peep Art VII and Peep Art IX. The first one is substantially funnier, imo. XD

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Peep Art VII.

I only did one. Because it was complicated. And. I'm tired. XD

The final performance of my monologue didn't suck too much, so that was nice.

*looks dazedly at the blinking cursor under VII. ???? in the "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" document*

No, I don't usually have chapter titles in advance. Except when I do.

Okay, I officially give up on my brain for today. XD

**edit** Oh yeah.

April (Theater 10 Grad Student teacher): What year are you?
Tierfal (Geek/Loser): Well, I'm technically a junior, because I'm trying to graduate in three years.
April: You're insane.
Tierfal: I like to think of it as "constructive crazy."

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I did my monologue again today, and it was kinda faily. My tendency to make acting an automatic this-is-how-you-play-blank process has undermined me again, and I couldn't get to the Place (ooooh, esoteric capitalization) that I needed to go.

Or needed to Go, maybe. XD


Peep Art V and Peep Art VI. You knew I was going to take potshots at Twilight eventually. >_>

Those are going to be the only ones for this week, though, due to the fantastically amazing distraction of the party. 8D Once again, I want to sit down and seriously thank everyone who has participated for making the last two days of my life revelatory and frigging hilarious. XD (omg Jenny. Just... omg. XD)

Someday, when I am obscenely rich and famous, I will fly you all to my gigantic mansion, and we'll have a REAL party. WITH GLOWSTICKS. AND TECHNO. 8D

And now I'd better go see how far I can nudge Script Frenzy. I ♥ montages. XD

**edit** New Margins. Hadn't update that thing since January, good God. XD


Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:15 pm
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Damn it, you guys, I swear, the second I decide to be a lazyass and take a day away from LJ, you ALL go and update IMMEDIATELY. :P CONSPIRACY, I SAY. I'm onto you lot. O____O

Up and down today. No good reason why.

Oh, wait, there might well be.

So I got sick after all, and there was much rejoicing. )

Oh, and... Peep Art III and Peep Art IV. I swear I dropped a life around here somewhere...

In the meantime, I'm going to make myself some fucking tea.

If I still feel crappy this weekend, I bet my mommy will make me soup. ♥

**EDIT** ALSO, YOU GUYS. [livejournal.com profile] eltea made the greatest Death Note AMV in ever a little while back, and she finally posted it. If you aren't into DN, don't watch (epic spoilers!), but if you are and don't watch it, we can't be friends anymore. 8D


Apr. 21st, 2009 10:06 pm
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Learning can be fun. )

I've got some fic that needs a good beating, and some Script Frenzy that needs to go die. BAI FOR NAO. ♥

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Fic stuff, Theater 10 stuff, The Cars, and O-Fic. )

And... the moment you've all been waiting for with marshmallow-y, bated breath:

Peep Art I and Peep Art II.

I have unleashed something terrifying.

And covered in yellow sugar.

The fact that the strawberry jam jar and the TEIN Free Robots van are in the same picture is obviously a complete coincidence.

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I got up at eleven-thirty today. 8D

And the most exciting thing I did was to buy three more boxes of Peeps.


I'm thinking I'll make Peep Art. And by "make Peep Art," I mean "arrange Peeps in strange positions, take pictures, and vandalize them in Photoshop." XD

Also, if eighty degrees makes me this lazy, I am going to die slowly and painfully when finals come around. o________o


Apr. 18th, 2009 12:19 am
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Going MIA from LJ for a day reduces the yield of in Inbox by at least three-quarters.


Yesterday, I bought Peeps. )

Have some more "Fifteen": Karma. I wrote another of them yesterday, such that I only have two prompts left to fill in. They're tricksy ones. I'm stirring some ideas around. *blows on spoon and tastes*

That will be all for this evening. ♥

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