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This is my Make a Date entry for [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions, but since many of Vincent's biggest fans aren't subscribed there, I figured I should post it share-ably.

I would like to thank the Academy [livejournal.com profile] eltea, for convincing me to do this, fixing the mechanical pencil every time I broke it, plying me with Pop Tarts, coming up with September and October, and listening to me bitch about my job literally the entire time. Seriously. It was like three hours last night. I'm obnoxious.

Aaaand… please forgive the utter crappiness that is my "art." XD If I even knew the meaning of the word "motivation," I might have tried to pretend I understand perspective, but… nahhhhh.

Twelve months of vampire bromance~ )

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Peep Art VII.

I only did one. Because it was complicated. And. I'm tired. XD

The final performance of my monologue didn't suck too much, so that was nice.

*looks dazedly at the blinking cursor under VII. ???? in the "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" document*

No, I don't usually have chapter titles in advance. Except when I do.

Okay, I officially give up on my brain for today. XD

**edit** Oh yeah.

April (Theater 10 Grad Student teacher): What year are you?
Tierfal (Geek/Loser): Well, I'm technically a junior, because I'm trying to graduate in three years.
April: You're insane.
Tierfal: I like to think of it as "constructive crazy."

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I did my monologue again today, and it was kinda faily. My tendency to make acting an automatic this-is-how-you-play-blank process has undermined me again, and I couldn't get to the Place (ooooh, esoteric capitalization) that I needed to go.

Or needed to Go, maybe. XD


Peep Art V and Peep Art VI. You knew I was going to take potshots at Twilight eventually. >_>

Those are going to be the only ones for this week, though, due to the fantastically amazing distraction of the party. 8D Once again, I want to sit down and seriously thank everyone who has participated for making the last two days of my life revelatory and frigging hilarious. XD (omg Jenny. Just... omg. XD)

Someday, when I am obscenely rich and famous, I will fly you all to my gigantic mansion, and we'll have a REAL party. WITH GLOWSTICKS. AND TECHNO. 8D

And now I'd better go see how far I can nudge Script Frenzy. I ♥ montages. XD

**edit** New Margins. Hadn't update that thing since January, good God. XD


Apr. 23rd, 2009 10:15 pm
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Damn it, you guys, I swear, the second I decide to be a lazyass and take a day away from LJ, you ALL go and update IMMEDIATELY. :P CONSPIRACY, I SAY. I'm onto you lot. O____O

Up and down today. No good reason why.

Oh, wait, there might well be.

So I got sick after all, and there was much rejoicing. )

Oh, and... Peep Art III and Peep Art IV. I swear I dropped a life around here somewhere...

In the meantime, I'm going to make myself some fucking tea.

If I still feel crappy this weekend, I bet my mommy will make me soup. ♥

**EDIT** ALSO, YOU GUYS. [livejournal.com profile] eltea made the greatest Death Note AMV in ever a little while back, and she finally posted it. If you aren't into DN, don't watch (epic spoilers!), but if you are and don't watch it, we can't be friends anymore. 8D

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Fic stuff, Theater 10 stuff, The Cars, and O-Fic. )

And... the moment you've all been waiting for with marshmallow-y, bated breath:

Peep Art I and Peep Art II.

I have unleashed something terrifying.

And covered in yellow sugar.

The fact that the strawberry jam jar and the TEIN Free Robots van are in the same picture is obviously a complete coincidence.

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Okay, if you're an artist, you automatically win.

The rest of us will insist we suck at art until the day we die. BUT PUT THAT ASIDE, FRIENDS, BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A SHIT HERE. 8D

Ask for something. Somebody draws it/photomanips it/takes a picture to represent it in beautiful and striking metaphor/films herself doing an interpretive dance and posts it. Said somebody then asks for something of her own!

Can be fandommy or not; crack encouraged.

Drawing on a tablet's fine; drawing on paper and taking a picture's fine (even if the quality isn't too fantastic; we know how it goes); drawing with your mouse on Microsoft Paint, deliberately poorly, is also fine. 8D



Jan. 19th, 2009 10:43 pm
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I posted an hour ago, but YOU MUST SEE THIS.

If you've read Pure Chance, at least. If not... it's still frigging adorable, and you should look anyway, though it does sorta spoil one of my favorite parts of the whole fic, which is why I asked for it... XD

For I am the Kiriban Stealer of DOOM! >D



There's more hyperventilation where that came from.

omg gaiz.

Dec. 27th, 2008 01:00 am
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omg gaiz.

[livejournal.com profile] eltea GAVE ME A TAAAAABLEEEEET!!!!!!! 8D

And then my daddy gave me the DEATH NOTE BOXED SEEEEEEET!!!!! 8D

I am so flipping spoiled. :P

Though the universe decided to make sure I didn't forget it by getting us stuck in traffic for an hour. XD SO THAT WAS FUN.

My brother and I talked about music for the first hour. Also, I accidentally did fanfiction some research, because I've never (a) been drunk, (b) been high, or (c) smoked a cigarette, but my characters are a bit more liberal about these things. Coincidentally, SO IS MY BROTHER. 8D

Tierfal and Her Brother Play the Tablet Game )

YAY. :3

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Computer people're all like, "Can you bring it in to show us?", which is not as good as "OH, here's your DIM card we stole" but better than, "Manager, get her the hell out of this cigarette-smoke-smelling establishment pronto." XD

I swear I had other things to talk about. First a meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn, with all the subsidiary rules largely ignored. :P

Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I am wearing pale yellow socks with pink stripes. And green stripes. Whoa. Boggles the mind.
2. I have developed a tendency, this year in particular, to spend my whole week anticipating the weekend, then waste said weekend procrastinating and becoming progressively more stressed about said procrastination, and then get more depressed when the weekend is over. Basically, FAILURE. XD
3. I want to cut my hair drastically when I finish undergrad study-things, as a sort of transitional maneuver. But I probably won't have the guts...
4. My stepdad bought me a new computer on eBay for ~$330. And once he buys the old one's parts off of me, it'll cost me even less! *dances*
5. I always put my right shoe on first.
6. I'm addicted to Chapstik. I probably put it on three or four times a day, on average... but I don't wear makeup at all.
7. It makes me twitch when I see really great clothes that I know I'd never wear. Fortunately I've learned to resist the urge to purchase them. XD
8. I get utterly distracted by the sky when I'm out at night. I could stare at the moon forever.
9. I have a Pirates of the Caribbean tissue box. :P
10. My handwriting naturally slants leftward, which is supposed to mean that I'm not inclined to trust people. [livejournal.com profile] eltea's is really similar to mine, but it tilts to the right. ;)
11. On that note, I'm the most gullible person I've ever met. A deviantART artist's note once said: "Did you know that when you say 'gullible' very slowly, it sounds like 'orange'?" I went, "Gul... li... ble... No, it DOESN--oh, shit." A few weeks later, I encountered a Death Note comic about RickRolling people. The artist's note linked to "the best Death Note AMV ever." ...I totally clicked.
12. I really, really love acting. I just don't do it enough. Basically, I think I'm a performance art whore, which I suspect is the reason I dabbled in podfic, too... XD
13. My worst habit is probably that I sometimes get tired of people and hate them for no reason. Fortunately, I seem to be growing out of it...
14. My second-worst habit is probably the fact that I shred my cuticles mercilessly. XD
15. I have no idea what to do with my life or how to go about doing the things of which my default plan consists. D:
16. If I don't get into that creative writing class THIS time around, I'm going to flip a bitch and cry like a baby. :P I need an approximately two-thousand-word piece to submit... I'll see if I can throw out some recent fanfiction, or it'll likely be Sam and Adrian all the way. ^____^

Ummm.... pictures.

A new TEIN banner and Darien from that B_F piece... )

That's about it. x)
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Yeah, this is all I got.

That's a strawberry.  By L's head.  A heart-shaped strawberry.  To be like, "L is <3/strawberry."

It's terribly clever.  So terribly clever that I had to explain it and ruin it completely. 8D

I love Light in the knit sweaters.  Not gonna lie.  And the button-down shirts.  And pretty much everything the boy wears.

The words below the scintillating renditions will soon be added to the eighth chapter of "The End Is Near," which is coming along pretty well, weirdly enough.  It's 13,000 words already without the stuff I wrote in class today while respecting my professors' time, expertise, and dedication.

In typical Tierfal fashion, I haven't even gotten to the plot yet, such as it is. XD

I'm going to go do my French homework like a good girl now.

And then I'm going to write a crapload of fanfiction instead of working on the homework for the weekend.

Damn straight.
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I think I might once have had coherent things to say, but the whole four-and-a-half straight hours of class thing Tuesdays and Thursdays just wipes me out.  My attention span just can't handle it.  XD

In any case, trying to pay attention the whole time, particularly when my varying professors were saying unnecessary things (as professors like to do), would have killed me, so instead I didn't.  There was fanfictioning.  And doodling.  (I've revamped my style... again... -ish; it's not that different.  But this is what I was doing the other day for the comic I was mentioning.)  And then my history professor was dumb enough to give me an outline with these beautiful white margins...

...which I defiled with my scribblings. >:E

So revel in the return of margin art, with Death Note characters, and including an Arty for my [info]eltea. :3  Who is vry far away, on the other side of the country at her grandparents' house. D:

On the upside, I gave her a superspecialawesome sneak preview (meaning "the first six and a half chapters") of "The End Is Near," which actually isn't that generous given that she helped make up some of the most important parts of it. :P

(Oh, yeah, and about the art -- I fail at L's hair, which I blame partly on secret details, and I didn't try Mello, because I didn't have any refs, which limited me to characters I'd already drawn. XD)

(...that was vry important.)
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So remember that assignment my history teacher gave us to draw Bryan Ward-Perkins, the author of The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization?  Yeah?

I haven't, ah, actually finished the book, but I did the drawing.  And the 'other' option was to introduce him as if he was a character in a novel.  So I did that, too.

Frigging me.

Anyway.  I blurred out my name because, as we all know, stalkers are everywhere, have guns, and will travel.  Hopefully you can sift through my somewhat lackluster drawing "abilities" and absolutely illegible handwriting and glean some amusement from my efforts. XD

Bryan Ward-Perkins, Tierfal-style

...yeah, I dunno what the hell I'm on, either.


Apr. 24th, 2008 08:31 pm
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(Fun!) Hey, baby, I like your lips;
(Fun!) Hey, baby, I like your pants--

(Fun!) Hey, I feel lucky tonight--
(Fun!) I'm gonna get stoned and run around...

--Funtime, The Cars

I think that might be the single best song lyric... ever.

Excepting all other song lyrics that are better.

Mostly it just amuses me to no end.

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Titling my posts is usually the hardest part of writing them, oddly enough.  Or perhaps not oddly enough, considering how I am about concision.

Incidentally, I love how people almost invariably use "Brevity is the soul of wit" wrong.  Silly people, not understanding the context.  Right up there with "Wherefore art thou Romeo."

I did the "Brevity" monologue for an audition; it was the pwnsauce.  Because obviously I am an aged, self-important counselor to a king, so it was my forte.

If I was merciful, I would sever my fingers, such that I would no longer be able to type and annoy the lot of you unfortunate people on my Friends list.  You poor, poor souls.

New icon, yay.  I made it a while ago, because I needed Brokeback Mountain closure, because that movie haunted my every move and thought for two weeks straight.  Flipping.  Amazing.  I was in a rut again this evening, so I decided maybe a new icon would make me happy.  Yay happies.  I heart Jack Twist.

I was going to get so much done today, and then I got tired, and when I get tired, I get depressed, and when I get depressed, nothing gets done.  So nothing got done.  Shizzlenit.  On the upside, I picked a good time to start getting lame and homesick, because I'm going home again this weekend.  *waves arms*  I made the conscious decision to boycott my English homework upon discovering that it was sixty pages of Emerson essays.  Yeah, not so much going to happen, thanks.

It's raining.  It was cloudy and gloomy all day, and then it started to rain.  I barely missed getting rather damp, because I was out getting food, and it was misting a little in that preemptive way that it does as I walked back.

So yeah.
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First paper of the semester came back today.  A minus.  BOO YA, BITCHES.

It's time to catch up on things.  First, a short (HA) rant.

Now it's time for an update on the epicness that was Saturday night.


Dec. 15th, 2007 03:49 pm
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I'm saving this in a million places for posterity. Because I'm cool like that. 

Poof!!! )


Dec. 5th, 2007 07:52 pm
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Things to Do:

117S Essay, due 12/6: ...
45A Essay, due 12/10: ...
45A Final (studying), 12/14: ...
Other Finals (studying), not long later: ...
Metamorfic Moon Advent fic, 12/31: COMPLETED!!!

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Clearly, as you can see from the title of this entry, I am categorically NOT procrastinating on the paper due Monday.  Absolutely not.  No room for debate.

Instead, I will treat you to a foray into my brain.  I would call it stream-of-consciousness, but it's utterly not.  More like dammed-and-irrigationally-arranged-river-of-consciousness.

In any case... I HAVE SKITTLES.

And since my roommate has gone to class, I can do 85% insane things like take pictures of my Skittles.

Yup.  There they are.

And as I got to thinking about Skittles, I got to thinking about how it would be cool to name a pet "Skittles."  If by 'cool,' you mean 'what the HELL are you smoking.'  (Admittedly, not the cleanest adjective in the world, but some sacrifices must be made.)  Back to the incidental point I was incidentally trying to make, I was inspired to do a thirty-second drawing of Skittles the Cat.

So there you have it.

Halloween isn't over 'til I say it's over. )

I could EASILY have written my entire paper by now.
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It was the most depressing Halloween ever until I ate a shitload of chocolate.  There's just so few people dressed up, and all the plainclothed, narrow-minded, creatively-challenged cretins wandering around looked at me like I was the freak.  So I was depressed.

Then I drew instead of paying attention during my seminar.  Good thing I forgot my sonnets book and needed something else to do.  Who knew being dumb could be so frigging awesome?

Happy Halloween! :) )

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