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So today [livejournal.com profile] eltea and I were talking about how bored we were, because no one's on LJ and we didn't feel like doing anything, and then she suggested we have an LJ party. But we were trying to think of events and failing, so... you'll find the verdict above. Basically,


Rules, If You Can Even Call Them Rules:
1. Specify a fandom and/or a pairing if you want.
2. Be as anon or not as you want.
3. Be as porny/kinky/creepy or not as you want.
4. Write for as long as you want. (Except please don't stop in the middle, because that just ain't right.)
5. Give as many prompts as you feel like and fill as many as you can.
6. Re-fill a filled prompt if you want to. (Ooh, that sounds kind of dirty.) No one will mind.

Basically, just go for it. If you're feeling nice and generous and want to appeal to my organization kink (*meaningful wink*), include the fandom and pairing you want (if you have a preference) in the subject line of your request. When you fill a request, please put "FILLED" in the subject line. If you don't, I'll just secretly hate you, but that's okay. ♥

ETA: Feel free to pimp this! In fact, please do -- the more the merrier, if you know what I mean.

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An anonymous poll (or not-anonymous, if you prefer that because you're too badass for anon) un-anon poll, because I can't figure out how to make it anon, so I'll just promise not to hold anything against you, where you can give me fanfiction feedback. Because. Why not?

A Fanfiction Feedback Fun(?) Poll! )

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This is partly for me, because I am incapable of getting things done without lists, and partly to tantalize you/get you all to yell at me until I sacrifice my grades on the familiar altar of fanfiction. They're mostly in the order in which I found them all, rather than strictly according to priority. XD

There are sixteen items under this cut. Some of them may give you hope, and some of them may make you want to push me off of a tall building and watch me splatter on the sidewalk. (Could be fun!) )

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lol FF.net has been tripped-out all day, which was fun while I was answering four or five dozen reviews from the last two weeks. And which is fun now, when it won't send out alerts for the new chapter of The Hunt! XD

There's also a snippet of Donna fic.

And every time I watch "Supernatural," I realize why so many of you are totally into it, lol. I just saw this week's with my mom and my sister. EPIC. XD

Here are some amusing typos and a mom!quote for your edification. )

Umm. Yeah. Some of you are going through tough shit right now, and here's hoping one more time that things work out okay. ♥

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INTOXICATED, for [livejournal.com profile] icequeenrex, Matt/Mello, Light/L, Mikami/Gevanni/Near.

Also known as the reason that two free hours from my canceled Theater 11 class did not result in my getting my Statement of Academic Purpose rewritten, also known as the reason my day epic failed and nosedived and has been added to the list of WOW I SUCK. So if you have any interest (and, y'know, time to get through 10,600 words), you should read it, if only to validate my stupidity. >_>

/shameless self-pimpage

raaaaaaar. )

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I'm glad SOMEONE has their priorities straight.

Umm... my life is extraordinarily unexciting right now. XD Even for me--!

Unexciting things, including a little bit of TEIN-music babbling. I don't know either. )

While we're still on the subject of fic, have some MARTHA FIC! 8D ...why, yes, it is another in the Depressing Who Drabbles series, /I am lame XD'

...no, I wrote a cute one yesterday. I'll try to get that one together for you soon. XD

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So my sister has laryngitis, so she's writing and typing everything she would otherwise just say, and she's getting progressively more sardonic as she goes. It's hilarious. XD

Umm, I studied a little math and did a few English analogy-ish questions today, but I decided catching up with the internet and not freaking out would serve me better than frantic further studying, trufax. XD That and going to sleep soon. :|

Anyway, my mom turned on "Smallville," and it's pretty funny, because the dialogue is just bad. Doubly amusing because I used to WORSHIP this show when I was twelve, as I was in love with Tom Welling. XD

The highlight was Alessandro Juiliani showing up at the beginning (and again later, \o/), and me being like, "IS THAT THE L GUY THAT'S THE L GUY I RECOGNIZE HIS VOICE YAAAAAAY THE L GUY" and chasing him down on IMDB to confirm. XD

I am fangirl, hear me roar. 8D

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For the record, my mother spent the entire ride to the train station talking about grad school stuff (again), which made me really anxious (again) and was ruining my afternoon (again). And then I felt a lot better after reading my Flist. :)

Bullet points explaining why I am lamer than anyone I know. Possibly in a good way. Or maybe not. )

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Survival is a good first step, imho.

Are you sick and frigging tired of hearing about this stupid story yet? XD )

Umm, my only other news is... fic news.

(a) The Best, a Matsuda/Mikami (damn gay straight!) piece for [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75, which has caused me to be moved to the top of the Priority Sakujo List for making Mikami cute.

(b) ...why do I write nothing but depressing drabbles for Doctor Who? XD Stay tuned for that soonish. XD

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This is why I can say with unabashed confidence that I have the best friends of anyone ever.

In which Tierfal gets a present she would be SO jealous of if she hadn't gotten it. )

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I burned out on today. XD

Your daily dose of random shit, including a PICTURE. homg. )

The fics being: the long-awaited, over-hyped FROST, for [livejournal.com profile] icequeenrex, in which Adrian meets the TARDIS crew XD, and FIRSTHAND, which is Light/Mikami for [livejournal.com profile] happy_mystic.

Fffffffff, Chocolate. Right. Let me get some and then go edit that BAMF. XD

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This might be a positive reflection on the state of my life, come to think of it.

ALSO, a very Swedish 1 Hej and welcome to [livejournal.com profile] rubbersoul1967, who just made herself way easier to art-stalk whom I admire very much. *___*

Short and... pointless? )

For now... back on the subject of DN fic (fff what else do I ever talk about?), there is moar Gevanni/Near: A Train and a Tangle. That's the one I wrote in June, a million years ago when I was free and had my whole summer lying ahead of me like a field of wildflowers. XD'

I'm still not entirely happy with the ending, but if I didn't post it today, it would rot on my computer for the rest of my life, and I really do like the first three-quarters. XD

OH YEAH. I finished the last chapter of Chocolate today. I just need to... edit... and post... and... deal with the empty-nest syndrome. XD

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So I had this idea like I was going to get things done today...

And I was actually off to a semi-decent start before lunch. Other than the subconscious sugar cravings.

tierfal (12:17:50 PM): Okay, I know I need food; I just wrote "I'm glad it came through that way" as "I'm glad it cake through"... XD
tierfal (12:17:58 PM): Freud: LOL! 8D

And then I ended up watching three episodes of the Death Note anime instead of being remotely productive. :D

lolwut spoilers for the Yotsuba arc, which is where I jumped in. )

...I just heard the freecreditreport.com song blaring from someone's car on the street below. I'm pretty sure it was just a radio commercial, but I'm still amused. XD

Also, I think the dampness of the air here, imposed by the nearby body of water, is totally effing with my internal temperature, because it got up almost to eighty today, and I was freezing. XD

It's 9 PM. In exactly twelve hours, I'm going to be starting my first class. XD

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The condensed version, because I let myself get dehydrated again, so I'm totally beat and my head hurts. XD

lolwut yes, this is me. )

Ummm, also, this fic is the reason I was up until three two nights in a row, because Near's birthday HAD to be today rather than... tomorrow or something. XD

Given the hasty writing/editing/conception/completion, I'm surprisingly happy with it -- Dead People, Gevanni/Near AND Matt/Mello AND L/Light. Oh, snaaaaaap. 8D

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And then there he was
In ripped-up, wrinkled jeans
Yeah, there he was
Hope that's what "Justice" means

I smell plots and candy here
Who's that curled up in my chair?
Who's that eating éclairs
And raw strawberries
Ryuk, this Death Note is a scream
Oh, Ryuk, this Death Note is a scream

My absolute, hands-down, favorite thing about Death Note. )

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HAHAHA. Near's birthday is actually the 24th. I guess this is a good thing; I never mess up the birthdays of people I actually know, but I get the Death Note boys' mixed up all the time. It's like anti-magic! XD

...ty, [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn. XD

Under the guilt and facepalm, I secretly love misinforming people all over the internet because they assume I actually know what I'm talking about. Failsauce is the gift that keeps on giving. :D

In other news, sleep deprivation and dim sum collaboratively present... Chapter Fourteen of "Chocolate." It's the one where shit goes down.

I was going to write my personal statement today, and then I didn't. :| Lazy Tierfal is lazy and bound to regret it later. >_> I also need to sign up for the GRE and the English Lit subject test. Surviving the former means remembering how to do math.

At least I've slain some deadlines. I might cop out on trying to finish that Nick and Theo piece by Wednesday; the payoff would be miniscule, and the stress would be tremendous. XD


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Ten points to the first person who can tell me what song the title's from without looking it up. XD

And by "ten points," I mean "a drabble if you want one."

Um... summary of today is that answering fanfiction.net reviews makes my soul go "Ow."

Flight is Near's birthday present -- and, in some sense, Death Note's, since a year ago today, I posted Struck, which is the first Death Note fic I ever finished.

(The first I ever started was a Wammy's Boys-era mystery fic that [livejournal.com profile] eltea made up for me helped me make up the night that I finished Book 12. It's in my computer somewhere. With my Remus, Tonks, and Sirius Go to Egypt Fic and a thousand other things. XD)

So... yeah. Viva la Death Note; I've never in my life written so much, so fast, with so much variety. O_o

And now I need to prove it by finishing the penultimate chapter of "Chocolate." XD 1,700 words and no gunshots.

...yet. >D

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I want this. BADLY. Even though I never run out of USB ports. XDDD

Though, after a while, the sound effects would probably drive me insane. XD

Anyway, I promised you a WIP meme, and now I'm going to deliver. :3

I'm so dedicated to the cause of... uh... glorifying my own fanfiction... )


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