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Nov. 9th, 2009 10:37 pm
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So... tonight turned out really good for a lot of reasons. Primary among these was the fact that I decided that, after paying two hundred dollars to send my GRE scores to my other ten schools, I was entitled not to do shit (excepting a little bit of homework... goody-two-shoes, me?) for the rest of the evening.



Sep. 18th, 2009 04:46 pm
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So, as many of you know, it's the birthday of two vry vry wonderful friends of mine today -- [livejournal.com profile] marmaladefever *AND* [livejournal.com profile] richelle2972! :D

Unfortunately I suck too much to have anything for you lovely girls in advance, but that means you can each throw me a fandom, a pairing, and a prompt, and I will attempt to work some magic in the relatively near future. :)


Also OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH to my Jenny and my Sabriel and my Christine!! )

omglol Rex, check this, haha. XD )

And some random stuff. XD )

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Today was great. :3

Somebody who has an unhealthy (for both of us, I think, haha XD) habit of SPOILING ME ROTTEN went and renewed my LJ sub, for starters. Then my mom called to tell me that a package from the same Somebody had arrived at my house.


To ALL of you who have left me lovely, lovely birthday wishes that made me go all giddy-happy today...

Really the only way to sum it up. :D )

In more pertinent news, I wrote more Whofic, because I did. XD I would pretend that this drabble isn't an unabashed editorial on "The Girl in the Fireplace," but you know better than to believe me anyway. :D

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This is why I can say with unabashed confidence that I have the best friends of anyone ever.

In which Tierfal gets a present she would be SO jealous of if she hadn't gotten it. )

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I meant for this to get posted yesterday, but the sketchy stolen half-assed neighbors' wireless failed me yet again. :|

This is the solitary disadvantage of being home, and the price I pay for free food and whatnot. XD

LOOOOOVE!!!!! ...and lolwut, and wtf English language. :P )

And now... our feature presentation, in which no offense to anyone involved is really intended, though asses were laughed off at their expense. Neither Mr. Pattison nor his hair was harmed in the making of this entry. (The hair, we have reason to believe, is a separate entity and will be receiving its own apology accordingly.)


Aaanndd... Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme. Hit me. I can handle it. ;)

I've come to realize
Where happiness lies
I want you to know
I know

- "Yesterday to Tomorrow" - Audioslave -

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Actually, not much shit to be done.

Other than... to say, again and again and again until I run out of breath, how wonderful you all are to me. Honestly, I can't express how much I appreciate the support, the advice, and the love. I don't know what I did to deserve such utterly amazing LJ friends, but I am so damn glad I did it. ♥

What I'm drawing from all of it is that even if this is all in my head, my head's all I've really got, and sometimes I've just got to be selfish and take care of that first.

And to demonstrate my love for you, I present to you an Orkin commercial that makes me laugh hysterically. XD

Merlin fans: OH MY GOD DEATH BY LOL.

Matt/Mello fans: Marshmallow Peeps.


**EDIT** Script Frenzy boys. When will they learn.

Are you for real?! )

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It's not easy to put into words how much I love [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn. It's just not.

Beautiful, beautiful girl, you just make me so damn happy it's insane. It never fails to boggle my mind that we come from such drastically different beginnings, such different worlds, but we see eye-to-eye on so many things. You really are a goddess -- an Earth goddess, in my mind, rooted in the red Aussie soil and full of life.

...and if you're not getting supernatural help to write like you do, well, the rest of us should just call it quits right now. XD

I will be sending you things in the mail, hopefully very soon. I've got a little something for you in the meantime. ;)

Damn thing almost killed me more than once, but by then it was a challenge, and surrendering is... WE DO NOT SURRENDER, END OF STORY. Literally. XD

(The comm version has, eh, links...?)

You really are the greatest thing that's happened to me in the past year -- and in many years. (We-Know-Who is still welcome to go stick his head in a tree. >D)

MOAR LOVE. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Feb. 28th, 2009 08:06 pm
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Apparently having a huge confrontation, hashing everything out, tacking on a few lines of song lyrics, and selecting "Complete" is NOT conclusive enough to make some people realize that a fic is finished. XD

On the upside, I have come to terms with the next chapter of "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" and posted it (orrrrrr here at the comm). I love Matsuda. Near for the win. XD

Today is Light's birthday. I thought it was like two weeks ago. Oops. I'll see if I can dash off a celebratory drabble or some shit. I have better things to do, but it's not like I was ever really planning to do them. XD

Life is better when there are dark-chocolate-covered soybeans involved.

Sounds terrible, I know, but they're amazing.

Umm, somehow managed to forget yesterday to adulate the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] teenelizabeth and [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn to pieces for sending me moar Valentine's Day love. ♥

I need to update my "To Post" fic list with all the bottleneck-y stuff. Rarrrrrr.

Hey, you.

Feb. 14th, 2009 01:54 am
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Join us at the Death Note Valentine's Day Meme. We are perverted, and we have many, many cookies.

Also, I wrote four.

Because I want the love to spread, and spreading it makes me happier.

My Srs Valentine's Day fic is flailing, I think because it's too personal and is accordingly crushing my soul in small and vindictive ways. This might be the time for that "quitting while you're behind" thing they talk about.

Well, I talk about.

An episode of "Psych" did a wonder on my emo, and then last week's episode of "House" brought it running back.

So go to the meme already. XD And ask for something; I was on a roll, and lots of other people are, too. And the one [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn did is, utterly unsurprisingly, fantastically magnificent, too. *___* (It is here if you want a magical secret shortcut.)

I love you guys.

And this picture, which is hilariously cynical but undeniably clever.

Happy Valentine's Day, you beautiful people. ♥

(And an extra hug for [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75, who sent me a card quite despite the fact that I haven't managed to send her a Christmas present yet. ♥)

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It rained a fair bit yesterday, and then this morning, I actually got up at about nine (bad idea; headache and general sleep-deprivation XD) for WAFFLES (good idea; frigging WAFFLES!). :D

Then we went to go take a walk and got rained on. XD

It was fun.  And wet.  And cold. :P

(Everyone with snow: *STILL NOT IMPRESSED*)

omg.  omg.  omg.  Jenny.  Is the greatest thing.  Ever to happen to Christmas.  I love you so much, darling!! x3  Aaaaggghhh I spent the whole time I was opening the package and reading the letter just GRINNING.  And giggled so much that my siblings got curious, came over, were befuddled by the bookmark, and then went away again.  Which is probably a good thing. XD

HEE. :3

Now I need to go write another three-quarters and another half of two fics.  Uh.  Three-quarters of one and half another.  Hell if I know; I'm an English major for a reason. XD

CRAP, tomorrow it looks like my brother and I are going to drive up to my dad's house. XD  R-r-r-ROAD TRIP.  I'll update when I get there to prove I'm not, you know, dead in a ditch somewhere.  With my brother driving, you never know.

Also I will try to draw your pictures like I'm supposed to.  /I suck. 8D
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I don't know how to say "sweet" in French.  Why do I know how to say "bitter" and not "sweet"?  WHAT A WRETCHED WORLD WE INHABIT, MY CHILDREN...! DX

*gets dictionary*  ...it's "doux."  Which I sort of knew in other contexts.  Or "sucré" if you mean "sugary."


OH YEAH.  So I went to the computer people.  And the guy went to the back like three times and was eventually like, "Well, all I've got is a 1000-gig card, but I'll just put that in."  I spent the duration of my visit shifting my weight going, "Don't make me pay; don't make me pay; don't make me pay; because I will tell you where to shove it, but I don't want to have to be a bitch when I'm having such a good day."  And then... LA VICTOIRE.  He's all, "Well, if you're ever in the area... and have time... and come back... I can replace it with a 512 one, which is what you had before..."

And I'm like, "....NOTHNXPLZ KTHNXBAI!! 8DDDDD" and flee, cackling.

Exactly like that.

...I'm on crack.

The good news is, the latest and greatest is not: The Dawn of Remembered Time, in which there are hangovers and hot boys.

zomg.  Need to get worried about that midterm tomorrow.  Really do.

*hugs [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn until it gets awkward, which may be never*

*hell, hugs everyone and commences massive hug orgy of Guinness-worthy proportions*

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