Nov. 21st, 2009 02:35 pm
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Ummm, my roommates and two high school friends and I had a totally-super-awesome pre-Thanksgiving last night. It was excellentastic; we had chicken and mashed potatoes and fried rice and corn and homemade salsa and salad and then cookies and ice cream and a fruit plate and amazing pumpkin bread. MAN, I ATE SO MUCH. :D Good practice stretching my stomach out for real!Thanksgiving next week. XD

I pity my international darlings who don't have a holiday dedicated to being happy about your life and then eating until you think you're going to blow up. ;_____;

Anyway, there were a lot of card games and a lot of fits of hysterical laughter, and it was all very enjoyable. :D

While we were doing the cooking, though, it was rather difficult to forget the intense verge-of-riot behavior going on up the hill. )

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Today, it rained. It did not pour; it deluged.

And it only got worse from there! :D (caution: this is epic XD) )

....y'know, if you actually read all that, go get yourself a cookie. You are awesome. XD

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Umm... first of all, I'm really sorry if any of the comments and things I left make no sense at all. Saturday started at 7:15 AM and didn't end until... Sunday at about the same time. XD' And then it only really ended for two intermittent hours, which is how long I slept on the couch in [livejournal.com profile] eltea's living room while she was out not-getting cabin fever. XD

The upshot of the GREs. )

Doctor Who, Series Threeeeeeeee. Completely with about a bajillion spoilers. Okay, maybe like five, but it's not like this part will make any sense if you haven't seen the episodes anyway. XD )

P.S. One of my favorite things about entire-season-one-night Who marathons is that my inner monologue frequently lapses into a British accent for days afterwards. XD

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Survival is a good first step, imho.

Are you sick and frigging tired of hearing about this stupid story yet? XD )

Umm, my only other news is... fic news.

(a) The Best, a Matsuda/Mikami (damn gay straight!) piece for [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75, which has caused me to be moved to the top of the Priority Sakujo List for making Mikami cute.

(b) ...why do I write nothing but depressing drabbles for Doctor Who? XD Stay tuned for that soonish. XD

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This might be a positive reflection on the state of my life, come to think of it.

ALSO, a very Swedish 1 Hej and welcome to [livejournal.com profile] rubbersoul1967, who just made herself way easier to art-stalk whom I admire very much. *___*

Short and... pointless? )

For now... back on the subject of DN fic (fff what else do I ever talk about?), there is moar Gevanni/Near: A Train and a Tangle. That's the one I wrote in June, a million years ago when I was free and had my whole summer lying ahead of me like a field of wildflowers. XD'

I'm still not entirely happy with the ending, but if I didn't post it today, it would rot on my computer for the rest of my life, and I really do like the first three-quarters. XD

OH YEAH. I finished the last chapter of Chocolate today. I just need to... edit... and post... and... deal with the empty-nest syndrome. XD

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And then there he was
In ripped-up, wrinkled jeans
Yeah, there he was
Hope that's what "Justice" means

I smell plots and candy here
Who's that curled up in my chair?
Who's that eating éclairs
And raw strawberries
Ryuk, this Death Note is a scream
Oh, Ryuk, this Death Note is a scream

My absolute, hands-down, favorite thing about Death Note. )


Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:32 pm
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...AGAIN. 8D

But first, the last of a dying breed: my final [livejournal.com profile] brigits_flame entry. XD Turned out better than I expected given that I bitched about it every sentence of the way.

I was too busy whining to mention that another doujin from [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn came on Friday. ajklfdjslkfjsa I love you so much, bb. x) You make me so darn happy. x3


I should edit this to make sure it's coherent.


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Like a Post for All Seasons, only not quite.

Yesterday morning, I went to the dentist. )

Then I made frighteningly revelatory discoveries about grad school. O__o )

Today there was tea. :3 )

Oh, I'm now 730 words in to Saturday's "Chocolate" chapter. And you're like, "Another Madonna-based joke?", and I'm like, "HELLZ YEAH!!"

That's probably the part where you start to cry. XD

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*updatey spirit fingers*

I hung out with my tenth-grade English teacher for like two hours, and it was AWESOME. )

And whoa, guys, whoa.

Sky pictures! )

Ficcy blurb. As always. )

Annddd... as some of you dears know, I shoved some stupid dialogue together and called it a Brigit's Flame entry. lolwut. XD

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I meant for this to get posted yesterday, but the sketchy stolen half-assed neighbors' wireless failed me yet again. :|

This is the solitary disadvantage of being home, and the price I pay for free food and whatnot. XD

LOOOOOVE!!!!! ...and lolwut, and wtf English language. :P )

And now... our feature presentation, in which no offense to anyone involved is really intended, though asses were laughed off at their expense. Neither Mr. Pattison nor his hair was harmed in the making of this entry. (The hair, we have reason to believe, is a separate entity and will be receiving its own apology accordingly.)


Aaanndd... Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme. Hit me. I can handle it. ;)

I've come to realize
Where happiness lies
I want you to know
I know

- "Yesterday to Tomorrow" - Audioslave -

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Blaahhhh endless fic stuff, with Death Note spoilers free of charge. Quickly gets bogged down in an overzealous analysis of random shit at the end of Book 12. )

Umm... I saw this on the way back from retrieving a graded paper today. There was also one that said "smile" and one that said "keep your head up."

They know us too well. o____o

And if you've got the Anna Nalick song stuck in your head now, you're not alone. XD (Also, DAMN, she's hot. I would TOTALLY do her plz.)

And now I'm going to go watch an episode of "Doctor Who" that has Colin Morgan in it, and you can't stop me. >D

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My brain went away about five hours ago, while I was pretending to do homework. XD

You can haz icon meme! )


I will see if I have a little bit of Script Frenzy in me. XD

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Hello, friends.

Smothered under this cut you will find ravings about nu musica, lulzing about the perils of writing fanfiction in class, a bit of Merlin, and presumably a great deal of incoherent rambly shit, per usual; all in the vaguely chronological outline of What I Did Yesterday.

Plus some today, I'm sure. And then a meme I couldn't resist, because I suck at life pretty badly and at homework even worse. Oh, yes.

I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like; gotta be green, gotta be mean, got to be everything more; why don't you like me? Why don't you like me? Why don't you walk out the door?! )

Random single sentences from a couple Death Note WIPs. )

...cool beans?

Hai Guys!

Feb. 25th, 2009 02:01 pm
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So I should be starting my Milton essay... LAST WEEK..., but after being really freaked out all morning, I glanced at the prompts again and remembered how much poetry we read early on before getting to the prose -- and this was back when I was caught up on the reading, *SWEATDROP* -- and I hope/think I can actually handle it. XD

And by "handle it," I mean "not be able to panic and get started until nine this evening, because I suck at life, and by 'life' I mean 'higher education.'"

I, my friends, am a HACK. But I make it damn sexy.


WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. It will blow your mind. XD

This amused the hell out of me yesterday.

Handwriting Meeeeeeeme! )


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True story. I had to get up before nine, because I had a dentist's appointment at ten. XD

Naturally, because I knew I was going to have to get up, I got eaten by the plot bunny I'd been tossing scraps to yesterday morning in the shower. DO NOT FEED THE BUNNIES. O______O

Bloodthirsty little bastards. -__-

Aaaaand... welcome to [livejournal.com profile] passthebutter! :D

blah blah blah today I sort of did stuff and random thoughts about the writing comm and double-u slash e. )

This entry was brought to you by my HTML skillz. SKILLZ!

Near Day

Jan. 4th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Yes, it's Near Day at last.

We've been waiting for Near Day since November twenty-seventh-or-so.

If you're not a Death Note loser fan, you should probably run screaming in the other direction... now.

*Spoilarz Liek Whoa*

NearNearNearNearNearNearNear )

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I went on an adventure. Also known as a "quick errand." Yeah.

In Search of Soap, Followed by Shuffle-ized Discovery )

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That is a lie; fish is tasty.

But SILVERFISH... o_____o

I'm very appreciative that our apartment hasn't yielded up any spiders, and after the various shoo-fly debacles of last year's window-screen-less dorm room, I suppose I shouldn't begrudge a few silverfish darting across the bathroom floor every now and then.


I found not one, but two silverfish in the jeans-designated drawer of my bureau today while unpacking.  TWO.


To make a long story short, I scrounged up a "Raspberry Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix" box in the recycling to get some cardboard and used it to arm myself against the twin silvery menaces.  Those things are so nasty.  After taking many deep breaths and working up a great deal of uncharacteristic guts, I slew them mercilessly.  There was much smearing and cringing and general disgust, but I reigned victorious, which is why I am here and they are rotting in the trashcan.


Tierfal + cardboard FTW!  \o/

Then I went about researching how to get silverfish to bugger off, and the best consensus that doesn't involve much work seems to be cloves.  Potpourri-y cloves.  Which I intend to make by the millions over Christmas and distribute throughout this fine establishment.  It will be good.

And now I need to go write the introduction to my French essay.

But first, since I mooch-glomped both [livejournal.com profile] jenwryn and [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75, I am now obligated:

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

zomg so positive and uplifting. :O

Much better than hearing about silverfish, at any rate. :P
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I'm not sure why I like talking about fanfiction so much.  I think it's because I like talking about myself, and I like talking about writing, and so when I'm talking about my writing, I become un-shut-up-able.

Hot damn!

First, though, welcome, welcome, welcome to [livejournal.com profile] teenelizabeth, who, though she doesn't realize it, is now doomed to the unsavory fate of being able to read my friend-locked entries. 8D

Sooooo... TEIN is just under 47,000 words.  And when I wake my brain up (*pokes it with a pointy stick*), I'm going to type up what I wrote in class, because, for some reason that eludes me, I have been consistently failing at starting chapters on the computer.  Has to be on paper.  Dunno why.  Makes no sense.

Anyway, since I have an entire climax to go, it'll break 50,000.  Which'll be legit.  Though I doubt it'll get to 55,000 and steal the Fanfiction Crown of Endless Doom from "The Hour of the Wolf," but then... would we really want it to?  Nahhhh.

Sequel is a confirmed yes.  I'm way too attached to these incarnations of the characters to let them go now.  And [livejournal.com profile] eltea and I made up a geographical context for the prospective sequel that will require road trip research of the best kind.  And the nicknames... the nicknames... There are enough terrible puns in this damn thing to kill [livejournal.com profile] baronanriel, and THAT is saying something. D:  I probably won't be able to get out of that mentality for a good, long while.

Though I'll be trying to work on the Mello-y fic, too.  I really want it to be everything I think it can.  I'm going to make my most valiant effort.

I think there might have been something else.  That I was going to say.   When my neurons were transmitting signals.  Which was happening once upon a time.

Oh, NaNo is... lulz.  [livejournal.com profile] eltea and I were playing the Sentence Game instead of the Drabble Game yesterday (primarily because my "drabbles" in particular always get out of control and then end up getting lost at about 3,000 words, which equals approximately epic fail).  A few of those (though I did write at least three hundred-word sentences, which is slightly ridiculous and impressive?) brings my grand total for November thus far to... 1,608 words.

...yeah. XD  On the upside, we get Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, and there's no way in hell I'm coming back to school for just French on Monday, so I get an artifcial four-day weekend! 8D

Also, I am binging on MCR again.  I love them too damn much.  True story.

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Behold the wonders of Tierfal's Thursday, that is! >D


Absentee ballots for the win.

Voting is sexy and everyone should do it. Except those loony-scary right-wing psycho-bigots who believe that homosexuality is a choice and a basis for discrimination.

In other news, it rained today. Not much, but a little, so there was much wet and damp. FINALLY, October. Yeah, I was getting a little sick of seventy-five and cloudless well into my autumn, thanks. XD

Assorted Details That You Don't Care About :D )

That is a right shitload of tags if I've ever seen one. 8D

Now I need to go type up all the TEIN I wrote in class so that [livejournal.com profile] eltea doesn't decide to refuse to feed me this weekend or something. D:

...nah, she'd get a much more creative revenge. :P The mind boggles. XD

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