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So my sister and my mom and I went to see "Mamma Mia" today, partly just for the uber-chick-flick-mania of it.  And partly because ABBA IS THE BESTEST.

So now I'm going to fangirl about this movie.  Ready?  Good.

Where to begin?  And how to do it at all without just listing the songs and spoiling the fun? XD

Well, for starters, it's just a pretty movie.  It was all filmed in Greece, so there's all this turquoise water and robin's-egg-blue sky all over the place, and every now and then, they throw in a bunch of sparkles and sequins. 8D  The cast of mostly-real-actors turn up some pretty darn good voices, and Meryl Streep especially is a powerhouse.  It's a bit of a shame Pierce Brosnan gets the most to do out of the Trio of Potential Dads, because Colin Firth sounds better.  And I dunno, I'm more endeared to him somehow.  Underdog complex, maybe? XD  Anyway, the main girl's cute, though she cries too much, and her voice is extraordinary.  The supporting characters are far, far too much fun.

The songs were great -- well-integrated, on the whole, even though in this case, the musical was crafted around the songs, rather than the other way around -- particularly the ones they turned into really big numbers.  "Does Your Mother Know" and "Take a Chance on Me" were hilarious.  I couldn't stop grinning during "Dancing Queen"; those three minutes were definitely my favorite part of the whole film.  They did pretty much all the songs I love justice (and introduced me to a couple I'd never heard), but for "Gimme Gimme Gimme," of which they used the riff very well -- but when it came down to performing it, it didn't get enough focus, I thought.  Then again, I'm a wee bit biased, seeing as how that's my all-time best-ever favorite ABBA song in existence...

And I was all sad they'd skipped "Waterloo," but then they did it during the beginning of the credits, and I was like "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" 8DDD

We stuck ABBA GOLD in the CD player as soon as we got into the car, and the fun hasn't stopped since. :D
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Two worthy activities, I think.

Nabbed from [personal profile] jenwryn:

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I hereby hug you all.  *hugs you all*

Also.... HOLY BATMAN, BATMAN.  "The Dark Knight" is a fantastically good movie.  It is an amazing movie.  It blew my mind and blew me away, utterly and completely.  Oh, God.  SO GOOD.  I was a little worried, because the reviews said it was unrelentingly heavy and not actually all that fun, but... I disagree.  It was dark, yeah, but it was also really funny in a fair amount of places.  It was thematically quite heavy, yes, but the action sequences were enough to make your heart soar and race and catch in your throat, sometimes all at once.  I love Michael Caine.  And Aaron Eckhart is very good.  And Christian Bale is striking, as usual.  And Heath Ledger... Heath Ledger.  My Lord.  I was really worried they'd go overboard, and what could be avant-garde would just seem campy, but he was terrifying.  Gleefully menacing.  The first movie was pretty big on the psychological stuff, too, but this one takes it to a new level.  Truly brilliant film.  Will be seeing it again -- and soon.

I wore a dress today and was summarily reminded why dresses aren't nearly so much fun as the usual jeans-and-whatever.  No running around hopping fences and climbing on things and sticking one's hands in one's pockets, certainly.  It is kind of fun, though, every once in a while, to go around doing things and knowing full well that you look nice.  Can't complain.

Day One

Jun. 21st, 2008 07:52 pm
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Road Trip, Day One:
Tierfal's status: alive
Tierfal's mood: weirdly optimistic
Tierfal's blood content: evidently eighty percent crack, given the above

YessirreeBob, I am going to be giving you a play-by-play at every possible opportunity.  Run.  Run FAST.

Aw, God, time to go do other things.  How am I going to survive when there are, like, actual things planned?
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"Don't Mess with the Zohan" prompted much laughter.  A great deal of it incredulous, but hey, what works, works.

I have also discovered that Three Days Grace seems to have issues with mortality.  Perpend:

It's okay, guys.  Really.  No, seriously.

Gerard will be expressing my emotion of the day again.  One day when I am not lazy (i.e. never), I will make a whole set of these for the mood function, and then it will be snazzified.

You are amazing simply by virtue of your existence.  Don't you ever forget it.  Rock on, loves.
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The shutting up thing is not working out so well for me.  Wonder if there's medication for that.  Other than duct tape.

Spent the first two hours of my day in my pajamas, because my mom keeps it obscenely cold in my house, and I didn't want to put any real clothes on.  Everything since has felt a little bit hazy and relative, time most of all.  In addition, the mantra of SamSamSamSamSam running through my head is not helping in my futile quest to concentrate on things.  I was going to write down every single tiny detail I could think of, because I have this persistent paranoia revolving around forgetting things, but I think I will try to do this the organic way and let my good, old-fashioned memory hold on to things.  I'm such a good Berkeley hippie, being organic.  Hoorah!

If you remember that book that [profile] eltea lent me, which you probably don't, I decided to pick it up this morning, and then, quite predictably, I read the whole thing.  I really should just buy her a new copy and keep this one, because I blanketed the thing in thirds of Post-It notes (thirds, as whole Post-It notes are much too big, and it's a waste of paper, so I tear each one into three pieces, and... um...  /freak), because I found an absurd amount of quotes that I had to mark, as they were either amazing or pithily articulated something that had always been fluttering around in my head or both.  I was warned that this book would make me go, "Wait... someone other than me thinks about those things?", but I wasn't prepared for how much.  I mean, damn.  DAMN.

It's a good thing I didn't read it earlier, though, because it would definitely have skewed my Script Frenzy, and Justin, instead of being the harmless, naive, wounded little puppy that he is, would have absorbed a great deal of the sardonic discontentment that rightfully belongs to James.

...and I'm going to sound a bit like Peter Cameron today.  It is inevitable.  I do this osmosis thing when writers have a really strong narrative voice.  The best was Margaret Atwood; she made me sound fantastic.

Time for more gushing.  It doesn't even really count as a review, so much as just me squeeing, but in a paragraph format, probably integrating enough quoted material to count as copyright infringement.

...in the rather less-stunning literary world, there is more Sam and Adrian to be found and perused.

I might have had more things, but I got all distracted thinking about Someday again....


May. 28th, 2008 09:30 pm
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There are many thingies to report upon.  Upon which to report.  Yeah, that.

Two super-quick movie reviews.  There be no spoilers. :O  ...except for a tiny one for the Simpsons movie... because I want to spoil you, my darlings. :)

In other news, I writed things.  Or posted things, anyway.

Smoke and Moonlight
- LUPIN/SIRIUS SLASH WUT?!  ...it was bound to happen.  This doesn't mean Tonks and I aren't getting along; just that I thought of this little guy and churned it out a little while ago.  And I'm actually really pleased with the end result, so... yeah. ^_^

Woman - Um, I don't know where these things come from.  It's on dA, and it's not mature-warning'd, so you can go read it even if you don't have yourself an account.  Though if you were choosing between the two, I'd go with the slash.  Because it won't cause you to doubt the stability of my psyche.  Yeah.

ANYHOO...  That's just about all for today, folks.  *is boring*
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...because I was sure that college would change us more.

I mean, I feel like just one year has seen some pretty considerable changes in, if not so much my personality, at least my outlook.  Shit happened, you know?  It was quite unlike anything I'd ever survived done before.  And I'm not sure quite what it is, but my big brother and I still understand each other impeccably.  I don't know what it is.  Last summer we didn't actually talk all that much, because I was always sitting on the couch IMing [profile] eltea, and he was always sitting on the floor playing World of Warcraft not too far away, wearing into the floor and flattening the pillow he used as a cushion (I kid you not. :P).  And maybe it's being united by our vague foreignness in a household in which we are neither indispensable nor integrated, but we just seem to be getting along extraordinarily well, like the olden days, when I could say with all certainty that my brother was my best friend.  And I would've thought we'd have moved in different directions now, and maybe we have, and we have both independently, in those different directions, better learned how to deal with people and, by extension, each other.  That's about the best way I can come up with to explain the quality chillin' out we did yesterday, including the fact that we talked about random this, that, and the other for half an hour before going to sleep last night, despite the fact that it was two-thirty when we started.  It was a little startling the other night, when we were playing Cranium and, for a competitive Pictionary clue, drew pictures that were mirror images of each other.  The prompt was "astronaut," and we both drew a guy in a suit, then a cord connecting him to a rocketship, in a field of stars.  Now, his ship was on the left, and mine was on the right, and he actually has a command of the pencil, but it was still frightening.

Of course, maybe over the course of a whole summer spent in each other's company, we'll come to hate each other's guts, but then, maybe not.  :)

And oh yeah.  Little old movie thing.

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Okay, technically yesterday.  Since it's now one thirty in the morning.


Your MCR lyrics for today yesterday, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood fanatic:

Can you hear me?
Are you near me?
Could we pretend
To leave and then
We'll meet again
When both our cars collide

-- My Chemical Romance (you're like, WHAT?!), "Helena"

I am in love with his facial expression at one minute and thirty-two seconds.  F'SHO.
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As far as assorted business goes, I have two finals on Friday.  Both English.  Which means my hand will meet an unfortunate and untimely end, and then I will probably resurrect it to write a lengthy LJ entry about how awful it was rather than studying for the final I have on Saturday.  Just giving you a heads-up.

Also, my family will come on Sunday to take away some of my crap and additionally to use up some of my ridiculously large amount of surplus meal points.  It will be joyous.

Today marks a full week and a half that I have been listening to absolutely nothing but My Chemical Romance.  This is slightly disturbing.  iTunes looks like this.  And that doesn't count a couple more playcounts that are on my iPod right now.  I'm actually starting to go to YouTube with some frequency for a couple songs from their previous album, which is probably a good thing, since my mommy just bought it for me the other day because there was a CD sale at Borders and I begged her to make use of it on my behalf.  I always intend just to listen to the songs and do other stuff, then I end up watching the music videos from start to finish.  All three of them are amazing in strikingly different ways.  In a perfect world, they would be full-length movies.

In other news, I saw "Cloverfield" for the conclusion of my Ancient Monsters seminar this afternoon.

Clovers? )
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Like when Spring Break ends.

By which I mean, more movie reviews!

Only two this time.  [profile] eltea, Richelle, and I indulged in some cinematic sightseeing again.  We obviously had to introduce Richelle to the wonders of Donnie Darko, about which my conclusions are even more awe of the Power of Jake, even more love for Drew Barrymore, and a rather better understanding of what the hell went on. Which is not to say that it's such a confusing movie that you should skip it; on the contrary, it's one of those where you see more every time you watch, and it's just so layered and intellectually complex that it requires a bit of work.  It's way worth it.  F'sho.

We also saw Pan's Labyrinth and Secondhand Lions.  I think I'm the only person who saw two movies I hadn't encountered before; [profile] eltea and Richelle got one each. :O

ANYWAYS.  No spoilers; just reactions.

Tomorrow, or sometime in the near future, I'll probably be posting more of our old friend Vincent Duval, because we love him, and because Richelle needs to discover his highly-touted origins. :)

Well, highly touted by... me. >:D

I think I need to start going to bed sometimes now instead of indulging in movie marathons until obscene hours of the morning; I have a headache. x)
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I don't know what it is about, like, seeing movies and stuff.  I keep, like, totally, like, seeing them.  And, like, yeah.  Omigawd.

So the movies that [profile] eltea and I watched last night were "Kung Fu Hustle," which I've seen three times now; "Casino Royale," same deal; and "Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut," which I'd never seen.  No spoilers; just pictures gleaned from Google Images and lots of fangirling and commentary. :D

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And [profile] eltea and I are going to watch more movies tonight, too.  I really just need to stop, you know, doing stuff. x)

There aren't going to be any spoilers, so read away. :D

And be forewarned that I'm failing with words today like nobody's business.

Why is it that once I see a single movie, I then line up like eighteen others...?
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Spoilers for "Brokeback Mountain," "The Notebook," and life.  And mentions of Mrs. Dalloway, Wuthering Heights, and various other things, though not in a spoiling sort of sense.

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