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lol, today separated the MEN from the MICE. Or at least the srs students from the ones who want to go home. )

This concludes another one of those "Why did you just waste x minutes of your life reading it" Me Posts. XD



Nov. 21st, 2009 02:35 pm
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Ummm, my roommates and two high school friends and I had a totally-super-awesome pre-Thanksgiving last night. It was excellentastic; we had chicken and mashed potatoes and fried rice and corn and homemade salsa and salad and then cookies and ice cream and a fruit plate and amazing pumpkin bread. MAN, I ATE SO MUCH. :D Good practice stretching my stomach out for real!Thanksgiving next week. XD

I pity my international darlings who don't have a holiday dedicated to being happy about your life and then eating until you think you're going to blow up. ;_____;

Anyway, there were a lot of card games and a lot of fits of hysterical laughter, and it was all very enjoyable. :D

While we were doing the cooking, though, it was rather difficult to forget the intense verge-of-riot behavior going on up the hill. )

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(Jennyyyyyy, I got your note! ♥)

Today, I got all the benefits of another anti-fee-increase strike without having to cross any picket lines.

ftw. \o/

Now with TWO POLLS! )

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But first... I ♥ veterans and current members of the armed services. They have my gratitude and respect. ♥

And I do not ♥ Yahoo! articles that remark, "You might not know why Veterans Day is on the eleventh... but there was this war once, and then there was this thing called Armistice Day!"

...like... really? People should not be allowed to graduate high school if they don't know about flipping WORLD WAR I.


The Adventures of Tierfal and Stockholm John, but Mostly Just Tierfal. )

... :D

Nov. 9th, 2009 10:37 pm
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So... tonight turned out really good for a lot of reasons. Primary among these was the fact that I decided that, after paying two hundred dollars to send my GRE scores to my other ten schools, I was entitled not to do shit (excepting a little bit of homework... goody-two-shoes, me?) for the rest of the evening.


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INTOXICATED, for [livejournal.com profile] icequeenrex, Matt/Mello, Light/L, Mikami/Gevanni/Near.

Also known as the reason that two free hours from my canceled Theater 11 class did not result in my getting my Statement of Academic Purpose rewritten, also known as the reason my day epic failed and nosedived and has been added to the list of WOW I SUCK. So if you have any interest (and, y'know, time to get through 10,600 words), you should read it, if only to validate my stupidity. >_>

/shameless self-pimpage

raaaaaaar. )

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MLIA pick I and MLIA pick II. XD

omgsrsly. Mika. Makes my life. So much more awesome. It's just tragic that I won't be able to synch my iPod to have this stuff for another two weeks. I'm already totally in love with it. XD

But seriously. Pick Up Off the Floor and Dr. John. SERIOUSLY.

Anyway... )


Oct. 26th, 2009 08:23 pm
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All I managed to get done today was my homework, and barely that.

I started a new fic.

I... am not a very clever girl.

MLIA pick.

Who babbling tomorrow, hopefully. :)

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I can (unsteadily) use the past tense in Swedish as of måndag, and tonight's rehearsal showed marked improvements. I went to Safeway. I wrote crappily. I am boring, so I present you with another ganked Who GIF:



Oct. 11th, 2009 10:26 pm
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I did stuff. :|

Stuff I did. )

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....because I'm obviously doing my homework right now.

Or editing my Statement of Academic Purpose. Or emailing all the schools I need to check shit with. Or getting ahead before the nightmare that is tomorrow begins. Or something helpful.

Instead of.... good heavens, this sentence is long enough to need a cut. )

Anyway, my evening was salvaged by [livejournal.com profile] eltea distracting me from things I should be doing (and I do mean that in the best possible way :3) and by [livejournal.com profile] missusjackson, who wrote me an A-MA-ZING fic about Remus and Sirius that you should reeeeeead -- Going to Pasalacqua; it's cute and hilarious and really poignant in all the right places. ajklfdsjkl yay. x3

Fffffffff. Okay. XD Hopefully I'll be more fun tomorrow. :|

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I'm glad SOMEONE has their priorities straight.

Umm... my life is extraordinarily unexciting right now. XD Even for me--!

Unexciting things, including a little bit of TEIN-music babbling. I don't know either. )

While we're still on the subject of fic, have some MARTHA FIC! 8D ...why, yes, it is another in the Depressing Who Drabbles series, /I am lame XD'

...no, I wrote a cute one yesterday. I'll try to get that one together for you soon. XD

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Umm... first of all, I'm really sorry if any of the comments and things I left make no sense at all. Saturday started at 7:15 AM and didn't end until... Sunday at about the same time. XD' And then it only really ended for two intermittent hours, which is how long I slept on the couch in [livejournal.com profile] eltea's living room while she was out not-getting cabin fever. XD

The upshot of the GREs. )

Doctor Who, Series Threeeeeeeee. Completely with about a bajillion spoilers. Okay, maybe like five, but it's not like this part will make any sense if you haven't seen the episodes anyway. XD )

P.S. One of my favorite things about entire-season-one-night Who marathons is that my inner monologue frequently lapses into a British accent for days afterwards. XD

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Today. In time increments instead of bullet points. )


You know, the irony is that I posted to another forum earlier talking about how LJ has given me so much perspective on my life and made my problems seem smaller. LOL GOOD JOKE, ME.

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Survival is a good first step, imho.

Are you sick and frigging tired of hearing about this stupid story yet? XD )

Umm, my only other news is... fic news.

(a) The Best, a Matsuda/Mikami (damn gay straight!) piece for [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75, which has caused me to be moved to the top of the Priority Sakujo List for making Mikami cute.

(b) ...why do I write nothing but depressing drabbles for Doctor Who? XD Stay tuned for that soonish. XD

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I should really not be posting right now. Half because I have nothing useful to say and half because I'm not in the best of posting moods. XD'

Things you didn't need to know about my creative writing story. )

I should go back under my rock now. XD

This is slightly more interesting. Well. No. Not really. But a little? )

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Why did no one tell me how absurdly impossible it was going to be to get into grad school? XD

...oh, right, because I would've chickened out. :P

In which today was like 'Whaaaaa?' and 'DDDD:' except for Remmy's amazingness. )

Two Things

Sep. 10th, 2009 08:27 pm
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Okay, first of all, my useless life.

Useless life stuff. )


I lol'd. )


wtf XD

Sep. 3rd, 2009 11:09 pm
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Uhhh... last night at about eleven PM, our power went out for no apparent reason, so I took a shower by iPod backlight.

Okay, actually, once the backlight shut off the second time, I took the rest of a shower in the dark. XD

I am just that awesome. XD

Reason #43890 Why Being Female Is Sometimes An Advantage:

You can write smut in the library when you have a gap between classes, and no one will ever be the wiser.

On the downside, when James, the ~thirty-year-old, awesome, utterly immature guy from your theater company, whom you'd forgotten was going to study here, walks by and says hi right as they're ripping each other's clothes off, it's a little weird.


The only other news I have is that my Greek Religion T.A. is really boring, and there are way more people in that classroom than there should be. XD

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