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So I had this idea like I was going to get things done today...

And I was actually off to a semi-decent start before lunch. Other than the subconscious sugar cravings.

tierfal (12:17:50 PM): Okay, I know I need food; I just wrote "I'm glad it came through that way" as "I'm glad it cake through"... XD
tierfal (12:17:58 PM): Freud: LOL! 8D

And then I ended up watching three episodes of the Death Note anime instead of being remotely productive. :D

lolwut spoilers for the Yotsuba arc, which is where I jumped in. )

...I just heard the freecreditreport.com song blaring from someone's car on the street below. I'm pretty sure it was just a radio commercial, but I'm still amused. XD

Also, I think the dampness of the air here, imposed by the nearby body of water, is totally effing with my internal temperature, because it got up almost to eighty today, and I was freezing. XD

It's 9 PM. In exactly twelve hours, I'm going to be starting my first class. XD

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Advantages of swearing?

I'll take it. XD

???? )

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I am the untimely, unpleasant demise of the party, yo.


Random shit with little semblance of order or coherency. )

*wanders away*

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Okay, Ang Lee didn't say that.

But he did say of "The Ice Storm," "This is a movie about awkwardness."

And lots of other things, which I very dutifully attempted to record. :D

Speaking of awkwardness, the guy with the seat next to mine would not stop flirting with me, and poorly. XD

More on that, and then all of the random crap that happened today, to get the personal stuff out of the way. )


I hope you are enlightened. 8D

God, I'm so relieved now -- I just have to survive a few more days, and then I'm free for a week to catch up on everything/write a shit-ton of fic. XD Expect a fangasm-filled Merlin post in the relatively near future. >D

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As far as the title goes, "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day is one of the greatest songs... ever. imho. *___*

Today, I took cell-phone camera abuse to an all-new low.

Please follow the cut for a reflection on the types of people who write on the walls in bathroom stalls. :P

Sadly, I was foolish and didn't get a picture of the one where the girl told her friends to write back in a poorly-rhyming couplet.

And they did. O_o

Meet the microcosm! )

And now I really do need to go write that [livejournal.com profile] brigits_flame piece, oh, snap. XD

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eltea (2:12:07 AM): GAH
eltea (2:12:28 AM): You should have to put a warning on pictures of Frank the Bunny. XD
tierfal (2:12:33 AM): XD!
tierfal (2:12:48 AM): I'd say he's...
eltea (2:12:56 AM): :P!
tierfal (2:12:57 AM): ...*so fucking shot*

(...if you have not seen "Donnie Darko," you might Google it.)

(In broad daylight would be good.)


Yay! :D

Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:09 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] eltea and [livejournal.com profile] richelle2972 and I went out for pizza and then got candy and then had Teh Movie Nitez yesterday, and it was very much fun. :D

The short version is that we watched "RENT," which was awesome and made me begin to hatch theories regarding Adam Pascal being Jon Bon Jovi's long-lost lovechild; then we watched "Amélie," which was hilarious and fantastic :D; and then we watched two episodes of House.  Because we're legit.  And [livejournal.com profile] richelle2972 picked odd ones so that [livejournal.com profile] eltea would be like wtf is this show. :P

I'm not sure whether I should say "Just kidding," because... uh... where was that sentence going, exactly? XD

Eff it; I'm very tired. XD

Walking the mile downtown to get to the pizza place, though... I just realized again how much this town is home.  A lot of people at my school talk about how much they like it there and whatever, but this is where I live, and this is where I am.

It all comes back to not wanting to go back to school in two weeks, really. :P

Juice Squeezes are God Syrup, and we had much fun getting inspired for more fanfiction by our film selection.  The real question is, Is there anything that doesn't make us think of someone in Death Note? XD

ALSO, let's extend the usual slightly-frightening Tierfal welcome to [livejournal.com profile] happy_mystic, who is now a part of my plan to take over the world with the joy inspired by welcome posts! 8D  The habit is spreading. >3
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Well, hopefully the imminence of Christmas will not result in an imminent lolfail. That would be much appreciated by all, I think. The lolfailer most of all.


My Mother Really Should Have Quit While She Was Behind )


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I went on an adventure. Also known as a "quick errand." Yeah.

In Search of Soap, Followed by Shuffle-ized Discovery )

A Haiku

Dec. 8th, 2008 12:00 pm
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I enjoy writing stupid haiku in my head sometimes.

If that's wrong, well... yeah, nobody's surprised. XD

O, wonder, laundry
Maelstrom of spinning cotton
Be done; I need clothes

Composed on the stairs down to the laundry room.

You heard it here first, folks.
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This is a public service announcement from Good Student!Tierfal.

*mic interference* Hello?  Is it o-- it is?  Okay.  Hi, kids!  This is Tierfal, telling you to stay in school, go to every class, and always, always, always take notes.  You hear me?  TAKE NOTES.  Writing fanfiction during lectures... Come on.  Your sanity's not worth that much, is it?

I'm Good Student!Tierfal, and I support this message.

Finished my first Honeydew Syndrome ficlet today (*cough*during French class*coughcough*).  The fluff... The fluff...

And now for the splendiferous "The End Is Near" teaser-banner-picture-margin-thing I drew while I was listening attentively to my history teacher.  Obviously.

Get excited.  'Cause once I figure out all the crap I've screwed up already and write about as much again as I've got, we might have, like, a fic on our hands or something.  Whoa-ho.

I was up until two writing with [livejournal.com profile] eltea and BSing stuff about Alemannic grave sites.  I am so very sleepy.

The odds of me sleeping, of course, are hilariously low.  But that's a different problem.

One more time, steal my breath
I'll feed you the sky
I will show you how
Steal the glamor from death
And before you die
Oh, you should see...

- "Kiss and Control" - A.F.I. -
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Went on a walk with my mom and my brother, 'cause the ants have staged a coup (coming from the ceiling, oddly...), and her arms were all tired from battling them, ergo I was drafted to push the stroller.  We stumbled upon the revelation that "removal" doesn't really have an opposite.  I suggested "adornment," "addition," "unremoval," and my favorite, "moval."

Also, what the heck is the O in the Whole Foods logo supposed to be?

Is it a tomato, or what?  What's the weird fringe-thing supposed to signify?  I'm stumped.

I shall have fanfiction later today, I believe.  Death Note, natch.  Flipping Fangirl Syndrome.


Aug. 13th, 2008 12:05 am
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Saw Dark Knight again yesterday.  Well, Monday.  Which is no longer yesterday.  I loved being able to squint for the little details and listen closely to the lines that zipped right over my head the first time.  Then saw the new Mummy movie with my sister, my brother, and my mom today (it was worth her $4.50 for some CG undead warrior carnage, but I'd have had extreme buyer's remorse if I'd taken ten bucks from my own pocket for it and its laughably bad romantic subplot and other assorted issues).

And I came to realize yet again just how much I love the movies -- movies in general, too, for the pure and simple escapism of the whole thing, but the theater as well.  The dimness broken only by those semi-art-nouveau sconces that line the walls, then just you and the dark and the screen; the potentially-hazardous surround sound and the extreme closeups that make you wonder if such-and-such celebrity might be a person after all; the wafting scent of someone else's butter-drowned popcorn as you search fruitlessly for somewhere to stash your ticket stub; the previews and the features; just the whole damn thing -- the other world.  The non-ness of it.  Hollywood is pretty mediocre, all told, but there's something inherently magical about movies, and I'm willing to purchase that.

Or to have my mom purchase it, as the case may be.

...that's pretty much all my brain can handle today.  Sleep deprivation is an amazing thing.  I believe I've averaged five or six hours a night for the past four or five days.  What fun...?

Basically, I need a life.  Yeah, that.
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Is it weird that I begin to doubt everything as the clock hands trace their merry way past two in the morning?

Weirdness aside, is it wrong?

London Bridge The whole damn world is falling down.

And that will be all the esoteric pseudo-clever crap with which I will be boring you this fine morning.  Thank you, and goodnight.  Good morning.  Whomsoever.  That.


Jul. 17th, 2008 09:58 am
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"All is well with the world.

Well, no.

All is well with my fanfiction."

- a wise and insightful Tierfal once upon a few months ago -

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