Aug. 26th, 2012 04:24 pm
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So this is happening.

Dark Monthprompt here

And this happened.


…oh my freaking Gawd, I was going to get so much done on my dissertation today.

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Today I'd just like to share a little experience relating to a disease I have called FOOT-IN-MOUTH SYNDROME.

…what do you mean is it FMA of course it's FMA. But it sort of applies to fandom in general; the same thing happened to me in Death Note once upon a time, which is why I should NEVER have been stupid enough to talk like this in the first place. XD

Embark with me, won't you? )

And now, back to writing crackfic and lamenting/enjoying the sheer ludicrousness of my existence. XD''

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Once upon a time (September 2011), I received a Fanfiction.net private message that I didn't really know how to respond to. Some of you may remember that this was not exactly the most fantastic period of my life, so I eventually replied trying to sidestep the problem, although I like to think the alternative solution I offered was not entirely ungenerous.

But I kind of always wanted to say more. And I'm kind of a bitch. So today I went back and picked out all the things that really bothered me about that note. If you have any illusions that I'm a nice person, and you'd like to keep them, you should probably stop reading now. ♥

No, really, it's 'a lot'. It's always going to be 'a lot'. It can never be anything except 'a lot'. ('Alright' isn't a word either.) )


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Okay. I couldn't resist. And not just because I'm still too goddamn lazy to formulate a real!post. What's that you say? [See icon.]

Give me two characters (or more, if you're feeling frisky) and one word, and I will write you something using no more than 30 words.

Fandoms You Can Beg For (Preferably on Your Knees and Handcuffed):
1. Death Note
2. Doctor Who
3. Torchwood
4. Other Stuff at My Discretion (Including Significant Capitalization Discretion)

I ship a hell of a lot of stuff. So if you somehow manage to stumble on something that makes me writhe, I will politely ask you to pick something else. :)

...be careful with fandoms that aren't listed, though, because I listed the ones I still actually get inspired for. Just so you know.

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An anonymous poll (or not-anonymous, if you prefer that because you're too badass for anon) un-anon poll, because I can't figure out how to make it anon, so I'll just promise not to hold anything against you, where you can give me fanfiction feedback. Because. Why not?

A Fanfiction Feedback Fun(?) Poll! )

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O Rex
You are the sex
But I will admire you from afar like a stalkerish creep
So that [livejournal.com profile] crazyboutremmy doesn't have to eviscerate me, hang me using my own small intestine for a noose, burn my body, and then bury the ashes extremely deep

HAPPY, BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] icequeenrex! :DDDD And happy January 27 to everybody else.

Have some puppies. )

Peace, älsklingar.

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This is partly for me, because I am incapable of getting things done without lists, and partly to tantalize you/get you all to yell at me until I sacrifice my grades on the familiar altar of fanfiction. They're mostly in the order in which I found them all, rather than strictly according to priority. XD

There are sixteen items under this cut. Some of them may give you hope, and some of them may make you want to push me off of a tall building and watch me splatter on the sidewalk. (Could be fun!) )

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1. Has anyone else realized that the DW/TW-verse is pretty much heroin? Tea with Jack, Jack/Ten/Ianto; and Meanwhile, at 10 Downing Street, Master/Ten crack. Both written for [livejournal.com profile] eltea to take on the plane with her way back when. And I wrote an Ianto drabble yesterday. Which I'll post someday. XD

2. TW 2.9 and 2.10 -- LOL I LOVE THIS SHOW.

3. Last night, I read a 70,000-word Merlin fic in one sitting. It's called The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes, and it's hysterically funny and remarkably insightful and incredibly poignant. Make time.

4. [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti is doing an amazing thing -- that is, a massive fanwork auction. Buy me plz. I will reward you in the afterlife. And/or a lot sooner, with awesome fic. ♥

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lol, today separated the MEN from the MICE. Or at least the srs students from the ones who want to go home. )

This concludes another one of those "Why did you just waste x minutes of your life reading it" Me Posts. XD


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(Jennyyyyyy, I got your note! ♥)

Today, I got all the benefits of another anti-fee-increase strike without having to cross any picket lines.

ftw. \o/

Now with TWO POLLS! )

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lol FF.net has been tripped-out all day, which was fun while I was answering four or five dozen reviews from the last two weeks. And which is fun now, when it won't send out alerts for the new chapter of The Hunt! XD

There's also a snippet of Donna fic.

And every time I watch "Supernatural," I realize why so many of you are totally into it, lol. I just saw this week's with my mom and my sister. EPIC. XD

Here are some amusing typos and a mom!quote for your edification. )

Umm. Yeah. Some of you are going through tough shit right now, and here's hoping one more time that things work out okay. ♥

... :D

Nov. 9th, 2009 10:37 pm
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So... tonight turned out really good for a lot of reasons. Primary among these was the fact that I decided that, after paying two hundred dollars to send my GRE scores to my other ten schools, I was entitled not to do shit (excepting a little bit of homework... goody-two-shoes, me?) for the rest of the evening.


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MLIA pick I and MLIA pick II. XD

omgsrsly. Mika. Makes my life. So much more awesome. It's just tragic that I won't be able to synch my iPod to have this stuff for another two weeks. I'm already totally in love with it. XD

But seriously. Pick Up Off the Floor and Dr. John. SERIOUSLY.

Anyway... )


Oct. 11th, 2009 10:26 pm
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I did stuff. :|

Stuff I did. )

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Today was... not very exciting. XD My Creative Writing professor nixed my story idea, because apparently "seven days after the Apocalypse" is not psychological realism, because it forces the reader to believe that the Apocalypse could occur at any second.

Like.... NOW.


...HOW ABOUT okay fine I get it.

The most exciting thing I did today was writing a sonnet to David Tennant's hair trying to help [livejournal.com profile] eltea with her homework.

An Ode. To David Tennant's Hair. No, seriously. )

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Today, I was attacked by plotbunnies.

Those things are merciless. D:

More to come on the 11-o'clock news. )

Hope you're all hangin' tight. ♥

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I'm glad SOMEONE has their priorities straight.

Umm... my life is extraordinarily unexciting right now. XD Even for me--!

Unexciting things, including a little bit of TEIN-music babbling. I don't know either. )

While we're still on the subject of fic, have some MARTHA FIC! 8D ...why, yes, it is another in the Depressing Who Drabbles series, /I am lame XD'

...no, I wrote a cute one yesterday. I'll try to get that one together for you soon. XD

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For the record, my mother spent the entire ride to the train station talking about grad school stuff (again), which made me really anxious (again) and was ruining my afternoon (again). And then I felt a lot better after reading my Flist. :)

Bullet points explaining why I am lamer than anyone I know. Possibly in a good way. Or maybe not. )

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Survival is a good first step, imho.

Are you sick and frigging tired of hearing about this stupid story yet? XD )

Umm, my only other news is... fic news.

(a) The Best, a Matsuda/Mikami (damn gay straight!) piece for [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75, which has caused me to be moved to the top of the Priority Sakujo List for making Mikami cute.

(b) ...why do I write nothing but depressing drabbles for Doctor Who? XD Stay tuned for that soonish. XD

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